Popo Xylophone Popo Xylophone

POPO is a USB MIDI Xylophone

and a simple MIDI controller

Popo - Arduino Xylophone Popo - Arduino Xylophone Popo - Arduino Xylophone Popo - Arduino Xylophone Popo - Arduino Xylophone Popo - Arduino Xylophone Popo - Arduino Xylophone Popo - Arduino Xylophone

POPO is an Arduino based DIY digital instrument with:

8 Note Pads

The pads have 127 levels of sensitivity and you can play them either with your fingers or with drum sticks.

They are very resistent, of a good playable size and they are good fun!

4 Assignable Knobs

You can assign the knobs to any “knob or slider function” of you DAW, like volume, amount of effects, panning or even metronome speed. Imagination is the limit...

4 Assignable Buttons

Each of the 4 Buttons has a PRESS and a PRESS AND HOLD function (like having 8 buttons) that you can assign independently to any MIDI command of your favorite DAW, like “Effect on/off” or start/stop recording or even change instrument sounds.

3 Selectable Modes/Scales

To have more freedom while playing, whith the MODE BUTTON you can select one of three Modes/Scales, in which to play in.

This button also has PRESS and PRESS AND HOLD function that allows you either to go to the next or previous Mode/Scale.

Would you like to buy your own POPO?

You can contact me HERE and i'll be more than happy to discuss it with you!

Would you like to make your own POPO?

I'm not any kind of engineer and i don't even know much about Electronics, Arduinos or programing.

If i managed to do it, you will too!

Parts list:

1x Arduino Uno

1x CD4051BF Multiplexer

8x Piezo Elements

5x Push Buttons

4x 10K Ohm Potentiometers

4x Green LEDs

8x Rectifier Diods 1N4001

8x 1M Ohm Resistors

4x 1K Ohm Resistors

You can download HERE the .pdf with the breadboard schematics.

And HERE the full code for the Arduino.

I would like to thank:

jdeboi for the nice inspiring video and a lot of the code i ended up using in my own project,

and the people at Arduino.cc Forum for all their help and patience.

Without their help I would have never managed to finnish this project.